New Jersey Grand Prix postponed

Bernie Ecclestone confirmed today that the proposed New Jersey Grand Prix to be held in 2013 has been postponed until 2014.

Ecclestone had said last month that he doubted the proposed street circuit would be ready in time for its June 2013 provisional slot.

Despite the race failing to fulfill its contract for 2013 it will still take place in 2014 according to Ecclestone.

Race organisers later announced that the race had been postponed due to issues over the construction of the track, however they suggested that they were committed to a race in 2014.

The race was intended to follow the Canadian Grand Prix as a flyaway race however the announcement means it looks likely that no replacement race will be scheduled. This would mean next years championship would have just 19 races.

It is still questionable whether the F1 really needs two races in America, however Ecclestone looks likely to continue to move to more races outside Europe with ideas for tracks in Thailand and Turkey having been proposed.


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