News round up- Austin Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has suggested that the controversy surrounding him and Kimi Raikkonen swearing on the podium in Abu Dhabi has been blown out of proportion.

Both drivers swore whilst being interviewed by David Coulthard during the FIAs new live post race interviews.

Coulthard apologised for the drivers use of language immediately afterwards and Vettel later released a statement on his website.

Vettel stated in Austin that it was unnecessary to create such a big fuss over the issue.

The use of DRS is to be restricted next season after FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting informed the teams that he was no longer happy with drivers using it anywhere on the track.

Driver’s are currently allowed to use DRS anywhere on the track during free practice and qualifying. However from 2013 drivers will only be allowed to use DRS in its activation zone throughout the whole weekend.

The restriction comes as a result of a number of incidents caused by drivers deploying the device early in the exit of corners.

The FIA has decided not to renew the contract of FIA head doctor Gary Hartstein for next season.

Hartstein replaced the late Sid Watkins from the start of the 2005 season and has worked at every race since.

As chair of the FIA Institute’s Medical Training Working Group he helped to develop new safety policies.

No decision has been made on a replacement for the 2013 season.


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