News round-up: FIA makes rule and calendar changes

Date of German Grand Prix changed

The German Grand Prix will now take place on July 7th 2013 after being moved from its provisional date.

The race will take place a week earlier and the weekend of 21st of July has been reserved for another European Grand Prix.

The venue of the new race has yet to be announced however there is mention of a race being held in France or Turkey.The addition of a new race means there will now be twenty races again in 2013.

FIA clarifies 2013 rules

The FIA announced a number of clarifications to rules at a World Motorsport Sport Council meeting on Wednesday.

One of the changes to the rules means that team personnel curfew has been extended from six to eight hours on a Thursday night. However teams are only allowed to break the curfew twice before a penalty is applied, previously they were allowed to break the curfew four times.

The Force Majeure rule that caused so much controversy this year had been deleted from the rule book. The FIA will now determine how much fuel is required to return to the pits in order to provide a sample and cars will no longer be allowed to stop on track to preserve fuel.

The rule regarding the use of DRS in only the designated areas over the whole weekend was made official preventing drivers from using the device whenever they want during free practice and qualifying.

Rolex becomes official timekeeper

From the 2013 season Rolex will be the official timekeeper for Formula 1 it was announced on Wednesday.

The Rolex logo will now appear at circuits and on track and is expected to be a long term deal.


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