News round-up: Lowe could move to Mercedes forcing Brawn to leave and Pirelli’s new 2013 tyres

Lowe to Mercedes and Brawn to leave?

McLaren’s technical director Paddy Lowe could be on his way to Mercedes according to reports from Sport Bild and the BBC.

The BBC report seemed to suggest that Mercedes were looking to replace Ross Brawn and bring in a new management system under Toto Wolff and Lowe.

The reports suggested that Lowe would be taking on a more senior role than the one he currently holds at McLaren but that he would not be team principal, this role instead being filled by Wolff.

However these rumours seemed to leave Brawn out of the equation and potentially out of Mercedes.

At a teleconference Wolff was unwilling to speak of Lowe’s potential appointment but suggested that he wanted Brawn to remain at the team.

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Pirelli want faster degrading 2013 tyres

Pirelli presented its 2013 Formula 1 tyre range at its Milan base today claiming higher degradation and faster tyres than 2012.

The new tyre compounds will be softer making them more susceptible to degradation and forcing the teams to have to pit at least two times in each race.

Pirelli hopes the new tyres will increase overtaking opportunities and also improve the overall performance of the tyres, making them around half a second faster than 2012.

The new tyres will also be differently colour coded to help audiences at home tell the difference between the hard and medium compounds. The hard tyre will now have an orange sidewall.

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