Could HRT’s replacement be the sting in the tail for F1?

An article in AUTOSPORT has suggested that a group of Canadian and American investors are trying to secure HRT’s 2013 Formula 1 entry slot but the decision to revive the team may not be the best thing for the sport.

The article suggests that negotiations to purchase HRT and secure its entry are advanced. The plan is for the team to be known as Scorpion Racing and according to the report Bernie Ecclestone has given the team his blessing.

However there may be some complications with suggestions that the FIA believes there is no 12th entry slot available for 2013 since it was informed of HRTs closure. The FIA doesn’t appear to be willing to make an exception for the team and it may not make a racing appearance until 2014.

HRT could return to F1 as Scorpion Racing

HRT could make a return to F1 as Scorpion Racing

The idea of resurrecting the team may not be the wisest. F1 doesn’t need yet another backmarker team. In its three seasons in F1 HRT only managed to finish the constructors championship in 11th place (x2) and 12th place highlighting that it had been unable to build the team.

The issue with HRT and other backmarker teams is obvious when compared to other former backmarkers which now compete in the midfield. Take for example Force India, in its first two seasons it managed only 10th and 9th in the constructors (when there were only 10 teams) however in that time they had a second and fourth place finish. By 2010 Force India had broken into the midfield finishing seventh in the constructors.

Force India have developed from backmarker to a midfield team

Force India have developed into a midfield team

Compared with how HRT had advanced in its three years in F1 it may make more sense to abandon the idea of a 12th team and resurrecting HRT. The team ultimately managed to go backwards in its three years in F1.

It has been suggested that HRT would be using Cosworth engines and a Williams gearbox but despite these choices the is car likely to be just as slow or even slower than in 2012. It would most likely take the team some time to build a respectable racing car that could be competitive.

It may prove to be a good decision and in the future the team may be able to develop a car capable of challenging the midfield. However for the time being F1 may be better off with just 11 teams.


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