Ferrari launch F138

Ferrari unveiled their 2013 chassis the F138 at their Maranello base on Friday.

The F138 is an evolution of the 2012 car as there are few changes to the regulations for 2013.

Ferrari will continue to use the front and rear pull-rod suspension that they began using in 2012, whilst the DRS rear wing has been revised to help with the changes to DRS rules.

Changes have also been made to the rear of the car which will allow the exhaust layout to be changed and to help boost the car’s aerodynamics.

The car, like the McLaren before it, does not have the stepped nose seen on the Lotus E21 instead the team have chosen to use the modesty panel.

Ferrari hope the new F138 will help them to win both the drivers and constructors championships. The car will get its first test in Jerez next week were Felipe Massa and development driver Pedro de la Rosa will drive.

The full technical specification can be read at

Images of the Ferrari F138 can viewed at


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