2013 Team Preview: Toro Rosso

Drivers: Daniel Ricciardo, Jean-Eric Vergne

2012 Constructors position: 9th
2012 Driver position: Ricciardo 18th, Vergne 17th

Toro Rosso headed into 2012 with two new drivers and a car that failed to be truly competitive until after the summer break. Prior to the Belgium Grand Prix both drivers had only scored on one occasion each before going on to score eight times between them in the last races of the season. Despite both drivers scoring towards the seasons end it was not enough to help the team maintain its 2011 constructors position and the team finished one place below in ninth. They will need solid development and for their drivers to continually score to have a chance to compete with what should be a tight midfield in 2013.

Toro Rosso

Both drivers have continued with the team for the 2013 season and should be confident within the team and with the car since there are few technical rule changes in 2013. This should help both drivers to produce improved results and continue to score well, they should seek to finish races above eighth place to give them a chance to compete with the other midfield drivers. Expect the battle between the two drivers to be tight with the possibility of Vergne beating Ricciardo over the whole season.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 16.41.33

Pre-season testing has been mixed for Toro Rosso with some flashes of brilliance and other moments where the car has not looked competitive. They will be hoping to be more competitive in 2013 and should challenge more in the midfield.

Predicted 2013 Constructors position: 9th


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