2013 Team Preview: McLaren

Drivers: Jenson Button, Sergio Perez

2012 Constructors position: 3rd
2012 Driver position: Button 5th, Perez 11th (driving for Sauber)

McLaren should have been in contention for both of the championships but mechanical issues and a lack of pace at some Grand Prix left them out of the drivers title and losing out on 2nd place in the constructors. Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button showed how strong McLaren could have been with 7 wins between them but a failure to score consistent points left them both out of contention in the drivers title. With minimal technical rule changes McLaren should be able to develop a 2013 car that is in contention for both titles but much will depend on the drivers.


McLaren have retained Button for the 2013 season and he is the most likely driver at McLaren to win the drivers title. Whilst Perez’s appointment as Button’t teammate following Hamilton’s departure may have seemed like a good move, he seemed to struggle after the announcement was made. He certainly is talented seen by his three podiums in 2012 in Malaysia, Canada and Italy. However there weren’t a shortage of drivers on offer to McLaren and performances by other drivers later in the 2012 season, notably Nico Hulkenberg, seemed to suggest that McLaren may have taken a gamble that won’t pay off. Perez has to get to grips with his new team, a faster car than he has ever driver before and deliver performances capable of winning championships. It’s a tough ask and should Perez manage to pull it off then he will be one of the most exciting championship contenders for seasons to come.

The team may have struggled to understand their car during pre-season testing and the car has not always looked as competitive as its rivals in long runs. Despite this the car should still be capable of challenging at the front however it is yet to be seen if this will produce championship winning results.

Predicted 2013 Constructors position: 3rd


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